What can do when I lose my US citizenship certificate?

The US Naturalization and Citizenship certificates are the two most important documents for a US citizen. As these documents prove your US citizenship, you should store them in a safe place.

Nevertheless, due to an unfavorable circumstance, you can sometimes lose your Certificates of Citizenship and Naturalization, or they can even get stolen. You should restore your certificate in any case. And that is easy to do, as we are going to explain further below. In case you decide to relinquish your US citizenship, there is no need to restore the Certificate of Citizenship.

To request for a new citizenship or naturalization certificate all you need to do is file a respective form, more specifically the Form N-565, to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Restoration of your certificate is not free, that is why you also need to get ready $555.

What is convenient is that you will use the same form to notify USCIS about any certificate loss. In other words, the procedure for restoring your certificate of both types is the same.

The form you need to fill in is actually called the Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document, or the Form N-565 in short, as we have mentioned before. Be ready and willing to provide various details in this form such as your full name, date of birth, country of birth, certificate and alien registration numbers, and other information.

You should pay attention that you have to detail how your certificate was lost, damaged, or stolen, as required by the Form N-565. Make sure you provide evidence, such as police reports or a sworn statement if you believe or know that someone has stolen your certificate.

An obvious recommendation is you need to be careful and only provide correct data in the Form N-565, otherwise USCIS will reject your application. If you file an incorrectly completed form, USCIS will not refund you the filing fee.

When you want to restore your citizenship certificate, you should postpone or even cancel your trip abroad, as you need to get your new certificate in person.

For a conclusion, we advise you to create a copy of your Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate and store it separately from the original certificate. Another recommendation is to save such data as what USCIS office or court issued your certificate. Lastly, you should reside in the US when restoring your certificate.

Apart from being a costly and long procedure, restoring a certificate will not take much of your efforts. And it will take even less efforts if you use our service to get a certificate of citizenship.

Complete your immigration paperwork using our online software. We make it easy!

Complete your immigration paperwork using our online software. We make it easy!


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Immigration Advocacy Service

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With our Attorney Application Review option, you can choose to have an experienced immigration attorney review your application and correct any mistakes.


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